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Shared Web Hosting

WordPress Optimised

Affordable plans with zero compromise on speed and uptime comparable to our premium Semi-Dedicated plans. Hosted on state-of-the-art environment-friendly infrastructure.

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WordPress Optimised

Semi Dedicated Hosting

WordPress Optimised

The enhanced resources and its limited number of accounts per server make semi-dedicated hosting a great alternative to VPS hosting for websites with high resource demands.

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WordPress Optimised

Enterprise Reseller Hosting

WordPress Optimised

Enterprise Reseller Hosting offers enhanced resources and a limited number of customers per server, making it a great alternative to VPS hosting for resource-intensive websites.

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WordPress Optimised

Enterprise Dedicated Server Infrastructure

What makes our WordPress Hosting Special?

WordPress is versatile enough to run on almost any server and with very little resource. Obviously, such an environment does not lead to stellar performance. Please find below a detailed breakup of what makes a hosting WordPress optimized.

All our hosting plans come with what we’ve listed below and can effortlessly host WordPress. Still, since we focus on offering WordPress hosting, there are considerable tweaks just to ensure the entire setup responds flawlessly to WordPress installations in particular.

What that means for you

Your visitors find your site loaded and served almost instantly, and they always find you online with our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee – irrespective of traffic spikes. Additionally, if you are using Elementor and suffering from slow loading speed, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to notice the difference with our state-of-the-art hardware. Please scroll down to know how we do this.

Speed and Uptime

In case you didn’t know, WordPress functions on a single-core CPU. Consequently, the processor has to be really powerful to load your WordPress sites as your visitors click on a link that leads to it. We use the market-leading AMD 9 Ryzen 7900X.

Additionally, NVMe SSD is the latest in storage that loads at least 6X faster than traditional SSD – which are a thing of the past, really.

And, with LightSpeed and LS Cache combined, your site will load as fast as it possibly can no matter which tier of WordPress hosting you are on.

LiteSpeed is decidedly a more powerful web server than Apache and can handle more concurrent connections and, consequently, higher website traffic compared to Apache or Apache /w server proxies such as Nginx or Varnish.

CloudLinux OS Shared Pro is for deep-look performance analytics and centralized monitoring tools. It improves shared server stability, density, and security by isolating each tenant and allocating server resources. It also includes website monitoring and performance detection-optimization tools to ensure sites stay online. It investigates problems with WordPress, PHP, and Databases, and enhances your website loading speed.

Rest assured, no visitor to your site will ever click away because your site didn’t load fast enough.


Imunify360 monitors all our sites 24/7.

That, combined with Rebootless Live Security Updates from KernelCare, there is never any delay in patching essential security holes. KernelCare, incidentally, is trusted by Dell, Zoom and 1,500+ enterprises. Supports all major Linux Distributions.

When a website slows down, there’s usually a problem with its CMS (Content Management System, e.g. WordPress). To restore its performance, it used to be necessary to diagnose the problem manually. PHP X-Ray was developed specifically to troubleshoot performance issues instantly and without manual effort in PHP-based websites. Problems such as slow plugins, slow databases, queries, slow functions, and slow external calls area  non-issue with PHP X-Ray.

Finally, to make your sites secure and Google-friendly by default at no extra cost to you, we include free SSL Certificates from Let’s Encrypt for all our customers.


This is actually a part of website security because, let’s face it, even for the most perfect arrangement, it doesn’t hurt to have a Plan B, right? We also make Daily, Weekly & Monthly backups, so you can rest easy knowing your data is safe. We use JetBackup to back up our WordPress Hosting servers every day to a remote and offsite location in an entirely different data centre for extra peace of mind.

Restore your data in just a few clicks – it is as easy as that! You can restore MySQL DBs, email accounts, public_html folders or the whole Home folder in seconds, all within a fast and easy-to-use, user-friendly design.

Your Reputation Remains Secure

HostXNow utilises MailChannels which drastically improves your email sending score which means all the mail you send out reaches the recipient’s inbox and not their spam folder. Integrating with MailChannels has yielded positive results for HostXNow, and our customers are now benefiting from this additional service that we have included at no extra charge.

Easy WordPress Management

WordPress Toolkit is a feature-rich management interface that allows anyone to install, configure, and manage WordPress websites. WordPress Toolkit Deluxe, with tools such as Cloning and Smart Updates, is now included as part of cPanel.

The evolution of WordPress management has arrived

WordPress Toolkit includes everything you need to take control of your WordPress websites. There is no limit to the number of WordPress websites you can manage with WordPress Toolkit.

Industry-Leading Performance

All of our WordPress hosting packages are hosted on enterprise dedicated server infrastructure including unlimited bandwidth and NVMe SSD storage so that your website is loaded instantly and can handle huge traffic spikes without any issues.

While you’re waiting for your website to load at your current web hosting provider, you could be signing up to our WordPress Hosting service with us!

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