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Get The Most Reliable & Fastest Hosting

We can duplicate your existing website onto a server and then provide an apples-to-apples comparison of your site’s performance on both our server and your current host’s server by utilising some popular page speed testing tools.

Why Trust HostXNow?

We have been providing high-performance cPanel hosting and domain registration services for individuals and businesses of all sizes since 2009, hosting thousands of websites.

So rest assured, knowing you can trust us to host all your sites safely and securely, and that you will receive the best performance and server uptime for your websites, with fast & friendly 24/7 personal support.

How It Works

Step 1: Provide Us With The Required Info

We must first create a copy of your entire website on one of our servers before we can perform an accurate speed test.

Step 2: We’ll Migrate Your Website

If you choose us as the hosting provider as a result of this challenge, then all of your data will have already been transferred, thus making it incredibly easy to switch hosting.

Step 3: It’s Official, The Results Are In!

Find out how our service compares to that of your current host.

Ready For The HostXNow Challenge?

Simply signup for one of our shared web hosting plans, and we will send you an email requesting some details so we can proceed with The HostXNow Challenge.

For those who do not wish to move to HostXNow, a full refund can be requested; it will be processed immediately.