Important Security Alert: Phishing Emails Targeting cPanel Users

 Thursday, June 6, 2024

We want to bring to your attention an urgent security issue involving phishing emails targeting cPanel users. These emails are designed to look like disk quota warnings, tricking recipients into providing sensitive information or clicking malicious links.

What You Need to Know:

Phishing Email Details:

Subject Lines: Common subjects include "Disk Quota Warning," "Account Over Quota," and similar phrases.

Sender Information: These emails may appear to come from "" but are not from HostXNow or cPanel.

Content: The message might claim your disk quota is exceeded or nearing its limit and prompt you to click a link or provide personal information.

Links: Hovering over the links will reveal URLs that do not belong to your domain or HostXNow.

Immediate Actions:

Do Not Click on Links: Avoid clicking on any links in these emails. Instead, type the cPanel URL directly into your browser.

Delete Suspicious Emails: If you receive such an email, delete it immediately.

Verify Legitimate Emails: Our official communications will always come from

If You Have Entered Your Credentials:

Contact Support Immediately: If you have entered your username or password on a suspicious page, submit a support request through your account immediately.

Change Your Password: Update your cPanel password promptly to a strong, unique one.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA):

For cPanel:

Log in to your cPanel account.

Go to the Security section and click on the Two-Factor Authentication icon.

Follow the steps to enable 2FA.

For HostXNow Client Account:

Navigate to the Security Settings page in our client area and enable 2FA.

Our Commitment:

Monitoring: We are actively monitoring this situation and working to block and filter these phishing attempts.

Support: Our team is available 24/7 to assist you with any concerns. You can reach us at

Education: For more details about these phishing emails, please visit the official cPanel website here.

How to Protect Yourself:

Do Not Click on Suspicious Links: Always navigate directly to your cPanel by typing the URL.

Verify the Sender: Check that emails come from legitimate sources.

Report Phishing Attempts: Forward any suspicious emails to

Regularly Update Your Password: Ensure your cPanel password is strong and unique.

Your security is our top priority. Thank you for your vigilance and continued trust in our services.