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Best UK Web Hosting

‘UK web hosting’ generates about 1300 searches per month on Google. So, what are these 1300 people really looking for? What are you looking for? Fastest UK web hosting? Best UK web hosting services? Or is it the cheapest UK web hosting that you’re interested in?

We’ve been providing web hosting to individuals, and to businesses of all sizes globally since 2009. What most people really want is a reliable web host with affordable pricing. 

How Is a Web Host Both Reliable and Affordable?

All our customers across any hosting category receive the same dedicated support, superior speed, and almost 100 percent uptime. That’s more or less how.

‘Affordable’ being subjective, let’s assume it implies competitive and tiered pricing where the lowest tier doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. As far as ‘reliable’ goes, transparency and personalised (and prompt) support certainly helps. And, if you’re looking for UK web hosting, you’d probably want UK servers. 

Elements like speed and uptime ought to be a given since they can make or break you whether you are a small business just starting out or an established one. Frequently, however, both attributes seem to get better only when you spend more on hosting. Which, of course, isn’t always affordable!

HostXNow offers several different types of hosting (Shared, Semi-Dedicated/WordPress and Enterprise Reseller etc.). Each type has different plans priced from low to high where the highest priced one obviously has the most to offer. But never when it comes to speed and uptime

Regardless of what package you’ve chosen and for what price, we support you at all times, make sure your site stays online almost always, and loads as fast as any other site on your chosen hosting category. You can just focus on growing your business.

To get real-time stats of HostXNow uptime, please click here; the monitoring is done by UptimeRobot, a third-party uptime monitor that we cannot possibly influence.

As for speed, this is what website performance looks like when your site is on the lowest-priced plan of Shared Web Hosting (which is also the one that has the least to offer across all categories of our hosting):

Hosted in the United Kingdom

Fastest TTFB

We test via KeyCDN since it tests from ten different locations. Actual site load speed depends a great deal upon how well your site is optimised and we have no control over that, but as far as server-side speed is concerned, this is how it stands. 

In a nutshell, TTFB (‘time to first byte’) is a measure of server responsiveness. If you are looking for the best UK web hosting, this is something you’d want to take note of. The best TTFB values should be under 200 milliseconds. The WordPress website is on a UK server and the TTFB in London is 14.97 milliseconds. Yes, that’s us at our slowest.

TTFB keeps Google happy and doesn’t always determine actual site speed. However, most experts will agree that it is best to have a hosting provider with a low TTFB than a high one.

Server Location and Security

All websites and services are hosted in secure UK data centres within Coventry and London.

We have the best UK web hosting reviews. You can trust us with all your hosting needs from personal websites, blogs, and forums, to large online businesses and charities. Whatever your projects may be, they will be hosted on fast, secure servers with Daily, Weekly & Monthly backups.

NVMe Shared Hosting, far superior to the dated SSD Shared Hosting, combined with LiteSpeed Server and Imunify360 comprehensive automated security put your site among the fastest loading and the most secure

Recently, we have launched our Enterprise Reseller and Semi-Dedicated Hosting services. If you wish to host sites that experience heavy traffic with even heavier spikes at times, our Enterprise Reseller hosting would be a perfect choice. 

If you are beginning to regret using Elementor because it is slowing down your site, take our £1 trial offer and migrate your site for free to one of our Semi-Dedicated plans. We assure you, with our hardware and configuration, you’ll love Elementor even more. Click here to contact our hosting support team. We also have helpful and friendly 24/7 support via our Support Ticket system.

Outstanding Support

 Our experienced staff are available 24/7, and our support ticket system is the fastest and the most efficient way to resolve any issues. The average support response time is around 10 minutes for escalations, but most importantly, the resolution time never exceeds a maximum of one hour even with very complicated problems sometimes involving, or occurring because of third-party script issues. 

For less complex problems you can expect a resolution within just 10 minutes. We achieve this by only hiring well-trained expert support staff and a Customer-first Resolution Protocol

We never begin by assuming the issue may be something on your end.  If ever we tell you that the problem is at your end, it will be only after a process of elimination ruling out all other possibilities. 

And then, do we leave you in the lurch because it is ‘not our fault’? Of course not! We’ll advise and guide you to a resolution. And we do this keeping up with your speed. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help no matter what the issue may be. One of our customers found that his computer needed a DNS flush to resolve his problem. We gladly walked him through that.

We’re genuinely proud of how we provide support and how our support staff have always connected with our customers, treating their problems personally, while providing professional solutions. And, our web-based messaging system works faster than e-mail. All of these things help make HostXNow’s problem resolution among the fastest in the business.

Join us for the fastest UK web hosting experience?

Our high-performance UK web hosting services run on the best infrastructure along with all of the commonly used industry software such as cPanel™, Imunify360, Kernelcare, CloudLinux, MailChannels, WordPress Toolkit, Softaculous, LiteSpeed Web Server with LSCache, and JetBackup, to name a few.

Due to our hosting infrastructure using the latest technology, feel free to completely forget about repeated downtime or slow performance that you may have faced elsewhere.

With HostXNow it’s all about offering you the fastest hosting: “Think Fast! Host With The Fastest”.

Don’t know how to get started? We can help you purchase a domain name, advise you on which software to use to build your website, and you’ll get to choose from among the most reliable and affordable web hosting plans. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose. Just click here and let us take care of the rest.

HostXNow was launched in 2009 by founder Christopher Smith (LinkedIn), who, after having already run various projects related to UK web hosting, wished to create the best personable UK web hosting brand possible. Over the years, that always meant a relentless drive for perfection, seeking out and implementing the most updated solutions, and offering the best web hosting in the UK that has something for everyone without any compromise in quality. Our business ethics and goals remain unchanged, and we’d love to welcome you to our family any time you’re ready.

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